5 Ways Martial Arts Class Develop Children’s Confidence

Martial Arts Is Great For Developing Confidence Martial Arts is well known for improving confidence in children. But many people mistake confidence for arrogance. Confidence is not about being better than others or showing off. It comes from a self belief and a respect for others and is one of the many things parents say martial arts has given their child. Just take a look at our testimonials. So how does martial arts help? Here are 5 ways to get you started: 1. Goal Setting By setting goals and then achieving them children learn Read more [...]

The Value of Kids Martial Arts Classes

Martial arts classes for kids are well known to be beneficial in their development for many physical and mental reasons. But many parents have concerns about enrolling their kids in martial arts lessons because of the perception that classes are based on fighting. Obviously martial arts involves learning moves that can be used for self defence but the value of a good kids martial arts class goes way beyond just kicking and punching. Martial arts lessons are a great way to develop respect, self Read more [...]

Childrens Martial Arts at Sport Relief

Here at Total Dojo Martial Arts in MK we have always aimed to get people active. So when Sport Relief, the charity aiming to do just that - and raise money for good causes - contacted us asking if we would help them raise money by doing a demonstration outside the Sainsbury's store in Bletchley, we were only to happy to help. After putting together a team from students in our Black Belt Club who had attended our half term camp we went out there and raised money and help change lives. Well done Read more [...]

Improve school grades with martial arts classes!

Martial arts classes have many benefits for your child but one of the main ones is improving academic performance. A recent review of a number of studies showed that performance in the classroom is linked to how physically active they are. This is scientific proof of what is already known based on feedback and testimonials from parents of our kids martial arts students. The study suggests kids should be active for at least an hour a day and that this increase blood and oxygen flow to the brain Read more [...]

Private Martial Arts Lessons for Kids

Did you know that taking private lessons significantly improves both the effectiveness and speed with which your child learns martial arts? Everyone, children included, learns in their own way and at their own pace. We all face challenges and sometimes need a little extra help to reach our goals and be the best we can possibly be. Supplementing your group classes with private lessons is a great way to get one on one attention and help you improve faster - much faster! Here at Total Dojo kids martial Read more [...]

Why Your Child Should Start Martial Arts Classes

We’re often asked why kids should do martial arts? Why is martial arts better than other sports? What will my child gain from martial arts that they can’t get doing another sport? So here goes: Physical Attributes Martial Arts training will develop your child’s physical attribute like any other sport. However, unlike other sports the martial arts will develop all of the attributes simultaneously. You’ll develop power, speed, strength, stamina, balance, co-ordination and flexibility. Read more [...]
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