Improve school grades with martial arts classes!

Martial arts classes have many benefits for your child but one of the main ones is improving academic performance. A recent review of a number of studies showed that performance in the classroom is linked to how physically active they are. This is scientific proof of what is already known based on feedback and testimonials from parents of our kids martial arts students.

The study suggests kids should be active for at least an hour a day and that this increase blood and oxygen flow to the brain leading to better grades. If you take a look at this post about the best thing you can do for your health you’ll see that the benefits of exercise go beyond good grades into a healthy and longer life.

The review also suggested that doing sport helps children reduce stress and improve their mood. This in turn leads to better behaviour in the classroom. They learn to follow rules and this gives better discipline and concentration in lessons.

Learning martial arts can really help children to get these benefits because of the increased focus on teaching discipline, concentration and obeying the rules. They learn in a fun environment that keeps them active and healthy and this all helps towards increasing performance in school. If you’re interested why not take up our offer of a free trial and see if your child can benefit from improving performance in school.

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