Why Your Child Should Start Martial Arts Classes

Kids Martial Arts in MK

We’re often asked why kids should do martial arts? Why is martial arts better than other sports? What will my child gain from martial arts that they can’t get doing another sport? So here goes:

Physical Attributes

Martial Arts training will develop your child’s physical attribute like any other sport. However, unlike other sports the martial arts will develop all of the attributes simultaneously. You’ll develop power, speed, strength, stamina, balance, co-ordination and flexibility. We all know the importance of a healthy lifestyle but it is also important to ensure that you have all round fitness and martial arts helps to teach this to your child. Not only that, but while developing these attribute no one will be sat on the bench. Students will be active for the whole lesson. In Martial Arts, no one is left behind.

Character Development

Martial Arts teach character development and mental skills not found in other sports. Qualities like respect, self discipline and confidence will go with your child into all other areas of their life. Armed with skills like goal setting and a positive mental attitude they will learn tools to transform their life and enable them to be successful in whatever they choose. What other sport develops kids in these areas of their lives?

Improved School Performance

Martial arts classes teach focus and concentration as well as respect for teaches and other students. Studies have shown that this leads to better grades in school and we’re constantly told by parents that their child has worked harder in school since starting their martial arts lessons.

Learn Self Defence

At the same time you will learn valuable self defence techniques.  As you train your child will learn techniques for protecting themselves in a positive and friendly environment. Children are taught that they should only use their skills for self defence and about how to be assertive and who to seek help from should they need it.

But self defence isn’t just about kicking and punching. Total Dojo kids programmes teach the importance of defending yourself against obesity and related health problems. By learning how to be fit and healthy our children defend themselves against the biggest threats of modern life.

A Positive Environment

Martial Arts are taught in a positive environment with positive role models. Your child will develop a positive peer group and become empowered to be a champion in life. Martial arts is about becoming a force for good in the world. Kids learn to help each other and inspire others to become their best.

So that is why your child should start martial arts. What other sport can offer all of this? We want your child to aspire to excellence – not just physically but in all areas of their life.

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