At Total Dojo we take our responsibility to our younger students very seriously. We want the best for our students and are constantly looking to improve our programmes and help our students become the best they can be. But don’t take our word for it, have a look what some of our parents say about our kids martial arts classes:


“Before Adelle started at Total Dojo she was a very quiet, shy and un-confident child. Adelle now beams with confidence in herself. Total Dojo is a fantastic environment for children and adults. I would recommend Total Dojo to anyone.”


“Freddie was never a sporty child; he enjoyed drawing and spent the majority of his time indoors. When he asked if he could start a martial arts class we jumped at the opportunity to get him doing some exercise. Total Dojo was recommended by a friend and it is quite simply the best thing to have ever happened to Freddie. Total Dojo has impacted on Freddie in a way that I never ever envisioned, he literally eats, sleeps and breathes kickboxing now and that’s down to Stuart and the ethos of Total Dojo. Students are taught in a way that can only inspire them to want to be better, lessons are fun but every aspect develops core skills and teaches students about self-discipline and respecting one another. I will continue to sing the praises of Stuart and the Total Dojo team and cannot thank them enough for the time and effort they put into the lessons and for inspiring and motivating my child to be better at everything he does. Through Total Dojo Freddie has learnt that when he puts his mind to it he can achieve anything.”


“My daughter Jasmine has been training for 8 years and loves every minute of it… The team at Total Dojo have made my daughter a very confident girl, and have taught her self defence skills which will make her father relax a little bit more especially when she turns into a young women…”

Joanne Harewood

“Both Jake and Sam have been training since they were five years old… Both thoroughly enjoy the classes and their attitude towards training has strengthened as the years have gone by. Their dedication and approach to the sport has reflected in their personalities and how responsible they are outside of Total Dojo. Jake is now a black belt which he passed with distinction in 2008, this was a great achievement for him through all his hard work and commitment and a very proud moment for us… Both the boys’ confidence has soared since they started training and their fitness is of a high level.

The club is a very friendly and welcoming, and all students are taught great discipline and attitude towards the martial arts sport.

I have nothing but praise for the teachers, Tony, Stuart and James and thank them for all their hard work with the lessons that Jake and Sam attend.”

Karan and Andy

“It is really difficult to find positive male role models in today’s society. There are so very few in the secondary education field now. James has always responded really positively to his teacher  and he has grown in confidence and concentration. Most of all he has “stuck at it” and persevered to gain skills that I am sure he will take with him through his life.”


And its not only our parents, this is what Falconhurst School had to say about our classes:

“Falconhurst School has had Total Dojo provide sessions for our children ageing from 5-11 for a number of years. The children have been able to learn confidence, commitment and a new experience in a sport which teaches them balance, self control, discipline, body awareness and martial arts. We have run both after-school and lunchtime clubs and all have been very popular with our children. We highly recommend having Total Dojo in your school as they are professional, friendly and reliable and can work within your timetable”

Falconhurst School

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