Here at Total Dojo we make a real effort to make our classes fun and enjoyable for our students, if the children are not enjoying the class they will switch off and learn very little. This is why we do not do any Katas or forms and get them straight into enjoyable training. We use fun games for our warm ups and use interesting ways of teaching the kids the fundamentals of martial arts.

“My son loves his lessons at the Dojo and the instructors always make it fun.”
Rachel Ruszel
“Freddie was never a sporty child; he enjoyed drawing and spent the majority of his time indoors. When he asked if he could start a martial arts class we jumped at the opportunity to get him doing some exercise. Total Dojo was recommended by a friend and it is quite simply the best thing to have ever happened to Freddie. Total Dojo has impacted on Freddie in a way that I never ever envisioned, he literally eats, sleeps and breathes kickboxing now and that’s down to Stuart and the ethos of Total Dojo. Students are taught in a way that can only inspire them to want to be better, lessons are fun but every aspect develops core skills and teaches students about self-discipline and respecting one another. I will continue to sing the praises of Stuart and the Total Dojo team and cannot thank them enough for the time and effort they put into the lessons and for inspiring and motivating my child to be better at everything he does. Through Total Dojo Freddie has learnt that when he puts his mind to it he can achieve anything.”
Laura Whittemore
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