Self-discipline is the ability to control one’s emotions, impulses and behaviour. Coming to martial arts will mean your child can accomplish more and are therefore be more productive. Your child will be able to maintain a higher tolerance for frustration, be able to take on challenges and deal with negative emotions. Taking part in marital arts will allow your child to be able to complete most difficult goals more efficiently. The more disciplined your child becomes, the easier life will get for them.

We have 2 girls aged 8 and 11 who have been attending the Total Dojo in Bletchley, Milton Keynes since August 2015. It is a warm, friendly and welcoming Martial Arts centre that has a perfect balance of fun, discipline and respect for the arts which they teach. The instructors are committed, sensitive and driven to ensure that each child or adult that attend feel comfortable and enjoy what is being taught. I have recommended the Dojo to my friends and their children who have since joined and will continue to promote this excellent Martial Arts centre and the great job which they are doing.
Diana & Andy Bagnall
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