Martial Arts is well known for improving confidence in children. Many people mistake confidence for arrogance. Confidence is not about being better than others or showing off. It comes from a self belief and a respect for others and is one of the many things parents say martial arts has given their child. You know from your own experience that you feel more self confident when you are praised or encouraged. At Martial Arts classes children are constantly praised for good behavior and performance and this creates a constructive cycle as they try to do even better in all areas of their life.

“All three of my children come to the Dojo, I would say I have noticed such a huge difference in each of them in their confidence. They all love coming.”
Hayleigh Morton
“Before Adelle started at Total Dojo she was a very quiet, shy and un-confident child. Adelle now beams with confidence in herself. Total Dojo is a fantastic environment for children and adults. I would recommend Total Dojo to anyone.”
Vicky Martin
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